About Me

I’m a coach & creative catalyst of change. Change that positively impacts life en large. I’m helping entrepreneurial people and their organizations transform towards a better version of themselves and/or their organization by finding ways to meet the needs of their circle of influence, while staying within the means of our planet.

On a personal level this means transforming your life into a happy & meaningful one that is also good for the other and the planet. On an organizational level it means essentially the same but then as an organization.

My mission is to motivate people on a large scale to start being the change.

I’ve worked for and with companies, investment firms and (non-)governmental organizations across many industries (telecoms, payments, utilities, government, non-profit, financial services) in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa for over 20 years.

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Phone: +31 622564604 Email: info at haikomeelis dot com

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